Lynn Savery

Artist Statement

Like a recurrent dream, my work conjures up poetic images of something that was once familiar and is now lost, a memory that moves to a rhythm and holds all the emotions surrounding belonging or loss, or dreams of loss. Marcel Proust tells us that memory is not only in us; it is us. Hidden within our inner experiences — thoughts, feelings and sensations — are memories and within those memories, an experience of time freed from the confines of chronology. Where time exists as a continuous flow in which the past is always working on the present and the present is always gesturing towards the future. At the core of my work is the pursuit of timeless beauty.

Beauty has long been dismissed by the contemporary art world as old-fashioned, or worse, of no importance. On the contrary, as Agnes Martin explains, beauty is the mystery of life. It stirs emotions, captures hearts and enchants minds. It is also unpredictable. We cannot foresee what, where or when something will strike us as beautiful. It may be sudden or shocking, or it may be slowly seductive.

I am not concerned to resolve anything, or to offer a nostalgic picture of something in the past but rather to create something that is both real and filled with detail and suggestive, without any of the suggestion being easy or obvious. The aim being that the work adds up to something beyond its components or within them, drawing the eye, touching the heart and inspiring a moment of contemplation.